Podcast: Mission Critical Comms on the Move, Multi-Orbit Handovers and Zero Packet Loss

Constellations Podcast by Kratos
28 February, 2024

Hear John Finney, Founder and CEO of ALL.SPACE, explore the evolution of satellite terminals, from single-mission, single-orbit designs to the emergence of our smart terminal capable of simultaneous, full-performance links across multiple orbits.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The driving forces behind antenna innovations in the era of multi-orbit solutions.
  • The key differences between traditional terminals and smart terminals focusing on resiliency and zero packet loss.
  • The future of smart terminals, including advancements in edge computing, AI integration, and sensory capabilities.

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ALL.SPACE used to be called Isotropic Systems at www.isotropicsystems.com.
We changed our name on 1 August 2022 but are the same legal entity.