LEO, MEO, GEO: Operators Chart the Multi-Orbit Path Forward

Via Satellite
26 September, 2023

John-Paul Szczepanik, CTO of ALL.SPACE, noted that multi-orbit networks offer the benefit of enhanced network resilience — and assurance of uninterrupted services—which is paramount for government clients like the U.S. Department of Defense. He highlights other potential use cases like telecommunications and high-speed internet access to remote, underserved areas, as well in-flight internet services, maritime, and Earth observation.

He spoke to the benefits for national security: “The advent of near-peer rivals in space has revolutionized how we approach space communications and security,” Szczepanik says. “Multi-orbit services are emerging as game-changers in this rapidly evolving landscape, offering many benefits across various industries and markets. Multi-orbit services guarantee the uninterrupted operation of command-and-control networks, which is critical for national security.”

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