Isotropic Systems becomes ALL.SPACE to announce the arrival of the fifth generation of ground segment devices and the start of the ‘smart terminal’ era

ALL.SPACE announces the arrival of the industry’s force multiplier, the ‘smart terminal’, designed to unlock the power of any combination of cellular and satellite networks enabling unparalleled service and experience levels.

Reading, UK/Washington, DC – 1 August 2022 – ALL.SPACE, (formerly Isotropic Systems), is announcing the fifth generation ‘smart terminal’, which is moving into initial production for release at the end of 2022. The ALL.SPACE software-defined service enablement platform can connect with all networks via multiple, simultaneous, full performance links that converge intelligent routing, edge computing, integrated modems, and cellular access in a fully integrated solution.

Headquartered in Reading, UK, ALL.SPACE is recognised for its major industry breakthrough as the first and only field-proven platform to simultaneously deliver full-performance connections across all significant orbits from a single device. The company recently concluded live field tests with the US and UK governments and several satellite operators demonstrating multiple, simultaneous connections across LEO, MEO and GEO orbits. It is the only technology platform to prove this capability in a single device and empowers users to harness the full benefits of new satellite constellations.

ALL.SPACE has extended this capability to converge advanced communications over multiple networks and operators, with 3G, 4G and 5G cellular multi-network integration plug-and-play options. The platform’s unique ability to connect all satellite operators across all orbits and all cellular operators across all available networks creates the world’s most convergent communications platform.

ALL.SPACE is pioneering the smart terminal segment and moving the industry beyond multiple antennas and terminals for different networks. It delivers a fully reconfigurable and flexible platform that converges infrastructure, networks, edge computing, intelligent routing, and software-defined capabilities all through one device.

Commenting on the milestone announcement, John Finney, Founder and CEO, of ALL.SPACE said: “With the growing capabilities of the next generation of satellite NGSO and HTS ecosystems, and the pressing need to connect satellites in different orbits, we have created the next chapter for the all-important ground segment. We are leading the industry to the fifth generation of ground systems with our ‘smart terminals. This will be a catalyst for a whole new era of communications, defined by multiple full-performance connections, power and waveform integration, computing, resource control, and intelligent routing that enables a range of value-added software-defined services. These services deliver edge-based intelligence, decision making, and operational efficiency capabilities to our customers.”

ALL.SPACE will be the first company in the world to release smart terminals at the end of this year, shipping to a significant backlog of commercial and NATO defense customers, all their communication capabilities to take advantage of multiple networks and operators across the globe all through a single ALL.SPACE device.

The mission of ALL.SPACE is to innovate and extend global connectivity and reach for our customers. We unlock new markets demanding next-generation satellite services through all forms of intelligent, software-enabled, multi-link, multi-orbit, and multi-domain convergence.

The ALL.SPACE smart terminal will significantly impact the future of communications by delivering ubiquitous connectivity to remote locations on land, in the air and at sea. This game-changing solution opens once unimaginable opportunities for a broad range of businesses and markets, including defense, aero, maritime telecom, rail, and government. This unrivaled capability set leads ALL.SPACE to our motto: One Device. All Networks. No Compromise. 

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About ALL.SPACE   

ALL.SPACE, formerly Isotropic Systems, has developed the world’s only full-performance smart terminal, which operates as an intelligent multi-network services enablement platform. With offices in the UK and US, ALL.SPACE is the ‘smart terminal’ market leader. At the core of its proposition are multiple layers of connectivity, infrastructure, computing, and intelligent routing through a range of value-added services that deliver analysis and decision-making capability to enable commercial and defense enterprises from any location on earth.

The ALL.SPACE smart terminal is redefining next-gen communications by enabling truly ubiquitous connectivity and once unattainable possibilities across a broad range of markets, including government and defense, aero, maritime and rail, satellite, and telecom services. Investors include AEI HorizonX Global Ventures, SES, Orbital Ventures, Seraphim Capital, Firmament Ventures, Space Angels, Promus Ventures, and Waterlow Management Limited, among other family office investors. For additional information, visit http://ALL.SPACE

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ALL.SPACE used to be called Isotropic Systems at
We changed our name on 1 August 2022 but are the same legal entity.