Panel: Virtual Ground Systems for Satcom Are Here, Not ‘Years Away’

17 March, 2023

Ground infrastructure providers have increasingly recognized the need to virtualize today’s purpose-built hardware to support new constellations, high-throughput satellites and tap into terrestrial networks. Given the challenges of virtualizing and orchestrating a satcom ground system, some have claimed the solutions are still “years away.”

Jeremy Turpin, Chief Scientist and Co-founder of ALL.SPACE described how a software-based ground architecture enabled the company to deploy a demonstration of its intelligent, multi-network terminal and platform at a remote site in Peru. The demonstration seeks to help users leverage multiple satcom networks across orbits and operators.

“There was no way we could physically get access to that system to go set it up,” he said. “The ability to reconfigure on the fly, to control the waveform and to get insight into what our terminal was doing with that waveform…was really powerful.”

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