ALL.SPACE antennas can talk to any satellite at any altitude

BBC News
September 28, 2021

The [UK space] strategy also outlines how the UK can take particular advantage of high-growth areas. At the forefront of these right now is satellite broadband, which would play off the government’s recent $500m (£365m) investment in the OneWeb communications constellation.

And there are targets to shoot at in the strategy. There is a goal that would see the UK become the leading provider of commercial small satellite launches in Europe by 2030. Regulations have been cleared to allow rockets to lift off from Britain starting next year.

UK start-ups like Isotropic Systems are developing antennas that can talk to any satellite at any altitude.

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ALL.SPACE used to be called Isotropic Systems at
We changed our name on 1 August 2022 but are the same legal entity.