Reading Ukrainian Community Support

We have supported our local Ukrainian Community Centre and those in Ukraine since May 2022 by donating monthly food shops, sending care packages to those in need and volunteering.

We sponsor monthly coffee mornings held by the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre to help refugees with local knowledge, practising English and much more. Several members of our workforce volunteer within company time to attend and have enjoyed getting to know their new neighbours over several months.

In December 2022, we wanted to do something special for Ukrainian families. We purchased a crateful of items of children’s clothing and toys then wrapped and labelled the gifts securely by hand to be shipped directly to Ukraine in time for Christmas, in order to provide some cheer during an otherwise very difficult time.

Whilst our efforts cannot undo anything that the Ukrainian community has endured, we hope that ALL.SPACE’s gestures and willingness to help shows solidarity during such a difficult time.

Pride of Reading, Special Recognition Award

In December 2022, members of the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre won the Pride of Reading, Special Recognition Award for their outstanding hard work in supporting local refugees and those in Ukraine. We fully support their work and will continue to help in whichever ways that we can.

Photo courtesy of Steve Smyth


How can I help?

Please help to provide Medical Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine by donating via their GoFundMe Page. If you would like to volunteer at the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre, please contact them via

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