How ALL.SPACE is Promoting Diversity & Inclusion within the Technology Industry

ALL.SPACE is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to practicing and promoting diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. We want to lead by example in making technology a more inviting and accessible industry for all.

We’re delighted that our efforts have been recognised by Microsoft for Start Ups as we were finalists in the Diversity in Tech Awards 2020 for Cultural Inclusion.

Why We Are so Passionate About Diversity and Inclusion

It goes without saying that a diverse workforce is a positive attribute for any company. We encourage diversity because we truly value it, not because we think it makes us look good. A company that consists of diverse employees is a company that flows with unique ideas, valuable perspectives, different experiences and a high level of compassion; essential elements which are less abundant when the employee pool is ‘one size fits all’.

A diverse workforce:

  • Creates more innovative solutions
  • Is more proficient at solving difficult problems
  • Can achieve better financial success
  • Naturally creates technologies with inclusivity in mind

To help us learn more about diversity and inclusion specifically within the tech industry, professional speaker and diversity expert Perrine Farque (founder of Inspired Human) has been hosting workshops with our Leadership Teams and People Managers on how to approach all business aspects with diversity and inclusion in mind. Read more about our collaboration with Inspired Human here.

Female Representation Within the Technology Industry

In the UK, only 17% of tech workers are female. Here at ALL.SPACE, we’re championing change.  So much so, that as part of our extensive hiring plan, we’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to double female representation in our workforce within the next 12 months.

Currently (as of December 2020), 24% of our employees are female with 36% of them holding senior or leadership roles.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at ALL.SPACE

We understand that diversity and inclusion is not solely about gender.  All nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs and orientations are wholly embraced and celebrated here.

ALL.SPACE is based in the UK with an office in the US with a number of employees working under sponsorship from other countries. Our company is brimming with approximately twenty nationalities and a wide variety of accents, cultures and beliefs – it keeps things exciting and helps enrich our culture through thought-provoking discussions and knowledge sharing!

If you’re considering a career at ALL.SPACE, please view our current job openings. If you can’t find the right role, email your resume to to be considered for new positions in the future – we’re doubling in size in 2021 and can’t wait to hear from you.

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